Welcome!​  The Town of Oak Island has been working on its future!  

A Comprehensive Land Use Plan and a Unified Development Ordinance are being prepared.  

Once finished and adopted, these planning documents will provide Oak Island's leaders with a creative and dynamic plan to guide future long-term growth and development.  With the collaboration of the Planning Board, Town Council, an advisory committee made up of Oak Island residents, and various public input sessions, these plans will be drafted with the intent of establishing a solid foundation for the ongoing planning program and serve as the primary policy guide for short and long-range planning, zoning, and development related decision-making within the Oak Island planning area.  

Welcome to the Town of Oak Island's Planning Website

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The Oak Island Town Council conducted a public hearing on January 10, 2017, on its Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Click the link above to see the progress made and review the draft plan, information on past and upcoming meetings, presentation documents, survey results and public input opportunities.  ​

Unified Development Ordinance

The Town of Oak Island is continuing work on its Unified Development Ordinance.

Click the link above to see what progress is being made and view information on upcoming meetings, presentation documents, surveys and public input opportunities.